Higher Education For the Modern Business World


My childhood was spent in a totally different world. Fewer people went to university back then. Some people chose not to go because they couldn't afford to, while others stayed home out of choice. Several of them graduated from college early to begin working or learning a trade. As there was little competition for jobs, having a degree wasn't actually necessary to land one. If you were conscientious and hardworking after you started working, you could advance in the organisation. Many managing directors had spent their whole professional careers with their organisation despite having minimal academic schooling. Some of them had begun their careers as messengers, sweepers, or in other lowly roles. They learned about the industry

Rewind to the present day. Today, a growing number of young people—particularly girls—attend college. Even with a degree, there is no guarantee that they will find employment because the labour market has grown considerably more competitive. They are now required to hold a degree in a sought-after field. They occasionally even require a masters degree just to land a respectable job. Without a higher education, they simply wouldn't be able to handle how sophisticated business has become. The days when they could advance inside the organisation are long gone. Those with the necessary qualifications and training can advance quickly in the corporate sector thanks to the new generation of businesses. People lacking it fall behind. Every time